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Rodent Abatement Program

We are your perfect partner for the job if you need a Rodent Abatement Letter to kickstart your demolition or construction projects.

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Designed to address your Rodent problems

We can proudly say that we’re among the first to integrate ecological safety into our rodent abatement programs

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Rodent Abatement Letter

Before you can take down a building, the city requires that you submit a pre-demolition rodent certificate from a licensed pest control company.

The certification serves as proof that the area has been baited and cleared of rodents so they don’t go scurrying around to the neighboring houses or structures.

And this is where we come in

  1. We take care of the paperwork, such as preparing the Rodent Abatement Letter.
  2. We will inspect the demolition site to determine if it needs an extermination program or if the area is already clear of pests.
  3. Once we complete the job, we prepare and sign the report before giving it to you.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our Rodent Abatement Program

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fully licensed and certified pest control company

Eastern Pine is a fully licensed and certified pest control company trying to fill a gap in the industry.

Rodent Abatement Program for Ongoing Projects


We will identify the extent of the infestation after a thorough inspection.

Course of Action

We recommend the best course of action while fully recognizing your budget and timeline.

Integrated Pest Management Plan

We will design a custom Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM).

We’ve worked with contractors to design an effective and fast rodent abatement program to prevent further delays. In addition, we are a fully licensed pest exterminator, so our work meets the certification standards of Massachusetts.

Our highly trained exterminators focus on containment to ensure that the rodent population will not simply relocate to the adjacent areas. After sealing the site, we set out traps after locating the trails and the nests.

We have perfected the process to make it fast and efficient. We know that delays in demolition and construction projects mean money.

Since you work with Eastern Pine Pest, we can guarantee that we only use the safest ways to eliminate your rodent problem.

We take pains to avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic substances that will adversely affect the environment, people, and pets. For example, some chemicals used in conventional rodent extermination services do more harm than good as they leach into the soil or water. And this is what we are trying to avoid at all costs.

Our job comes with a safety seal and a 365-day guarantee. However, the warranty is valid as long as our work remains untouched, meaning no other home improvement or earth movement occurred within that period.

No matter your problem, we have the solution for you. You can expect professionalism, efficiency, and results when you work with our expert exterminators.

Please fill out our form or email us, so we can take the first steps to clear your property of pests.

Our hotline at 781-334-8655 is open to answer your calls.

"We practice integrated pest & wildlife management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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