Pest Prevention Plan

Our Pest Prevention Plan prevents and protects your home year-round from unwanted insects and rodents.

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3 exterior visits in Spring, Summer, & Fall

Treating your exterior foundation/siding with a liquid treatment & natural + non-toxic dusting application.
Applying a natural granular insect bait to common exterior pest harborage sites such as mulch beds and underneath shrubs.
De-webbing exterior spider webs.

Unlimited additional visits at no additional cost

Pests covered under this plan include the following

Our service will also help minimize several other occasional invaders. Notice a wasp nest outside or ants roaming in the kitchen? Send us a message, and we’ll come by promptly to solve your issue! 

Pet-Friendly Pest Control Available

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Environmentally sound practices

All exterminators have Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in place, which can be tailored to fit each situation. How everyone devises their IPM can be considered the company’s approach.

For Eastern Pine Pest Control, our approach focuses more on the safest methods that result in minimal or zero harm to the ecosystem. In addition, we specialize in environmentally friendly treatment plans, veering away from chemical dependence to eliminate pests from your home or commercial establishment.

We try to avoid a maintenance plan for our clients as much as possible. Although routine visits may be necessary, our proven solutions can solve most pest problems.

We differentiate our services from the rest of the pack because of the following:

Free Consultation

Our initial consultation comes at no cost. We will investigate the cause and identify the pest. Finally, we will assess the gravity of the infestation.

Free Estimate

We will give you a free estimate of the customized Integrated Pest Management program that fits your needs.

Ensure minimal or zero disruption

We take extra steps to ensure minimal or zero disruption to your business or daily routines.

address the root of the problem

We address the root of the problem.

Eastern Pine’s Pest Prevention Plan protects your home all year round using eco-friendly pest control products

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"We practice integrated pest & wildlife management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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