Winchester Pest Control

Eastern Pine Pest Control is your only choice to eliminate your bug or rodent problem. We don’t discriminate between residential units and commercial buildings, as our Integrated Pest Management methods are highly adaptable regardless of the type and seriousness of the infestation.

On average, a homeowner or business owner spends thousands on building or furniture repairs due to pest damage. So, the last thing you want is to wait until these bugs and rodents have already destroyed your property before calling the Winchester pest control experts.

We recommend contacting us immediately when you see a single mouse or rat on your property. Then, you can save a lot of money when the problem we need to address is less complex. As a result, we can focus on prevention methods after driving away these unwanted guests from your house or business.


Located seven miles outside Boston, Winchester is the perfect suburb to raise your family due to its excellent public school system and low crime rate. In addition, everything is within a reasonable distance, so you can leave your car at home while you go out to eat or walk your dog.

The train station is also located in the town’s center so you can go to Boston anytime. The neighborhood is primarily residential, but you can find a bookshop, coffee shop, and retail stores here and there. If you want outdoor adventure, the Brooks Parkhurst Town Forest and the Middlesex Fells Reservation are nearby. The only downside is the expensive real estate, but it’s still cheaper than downtown Boston.

"We practice integrated pest management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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