Wilmington Pest Control

We take pride in our environmentally sound approaches to Wilmington pest control. We have spent years perfecting our methods to guarantee the eradication of rodents and bugs from your property without contaminating the ecosystem.

Aside from releasing carbon emissions, these harmful chemicals will destroy organic matter content, kill beneficial insects, stunt plant growth, and change soil alkalinity. We haven’t even touched the potential destruction of marine life.

That’s why Eastern Pine’s Wilmington pest control only uses environmentally safe procedures to eliminate unwanted guests in your home or place of business.


Wilmington is about 20 minutes north of Boston. The area is quite dense for a small suburb, with over 23,000 residents. However, you might think everyone knows everybody because they always welcome tourists and strangers. In addition, there’s a community event every weekend, which is an excuse for residents to gather.

For a small community, there are plenty of things to do, restaurants to eat, and places to spend your money. People love their coffee here, with Dunkin Donuts dominating the scene. However, you will find other specialty coffee shops, as well.

"We practice integrated pest & wildlife management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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