Wakefield Pest Control

Eastern Pine is an advocate of environmentally friendly solutions in eliminating and keeping away unwanted guests from your home or commercial space. Some of the methods we pioneered for our Wakefield pest control service have become an industry staple.

We veer away from synthetic, chemically potent substances that we feel do more harm and good to disrupt the balance of the ecosystem.

That’s why we are totally committed to adopting the safest approach to implement our Integrated Pest Management plan for our clients.


Wakefield is a historic neighborhood, as evidenced by some pre-WW II architecture. It consists of five constituent suburbs with nearly 30,000 people. The houses here are more expensive compared to some neighborhoods in Boston. Still, residents love the place due to the higher quality of life, family-friendly amenities, and lower crime rate. It’s also relatively close to downtown Boston so that they can drive or hop on the bus for a quick change of pace.

"We practice integrated pest & wildlife management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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