Peabody Pest Control

Eastern Pine is the preeminent expert in environmentally safe Peabody pest control methods. We carefully enhanced and fool-proofed our approach to eliminate bugs and rodents from our homes, offices, and commercial establishments. However, we take the extra steps to ensure that we don’t cause undue ecological harm.

Unfortunately, potent chemicals that kill pests also disrupt the nearby ecosystem, particularly when they leach into the soil or water. As a result, they will destroy humus content and eradicate beneficial insects.

We are trying to prevent this with our proven Peabody pest control methods. And as a Peabody resident, you also have the responsibility to ensure that the community is safe for the next generation.


Peabody is an excellent representation of what New England is all about, with its mixture of rich history and modern living. Nestled about 30 minutes north of Boston, this dense city retained its sense of community where police officers and shop owners stop and chit-chat with you for a while. The city is littered with open and green spaces, serving as a refuge from the daily grind for its over 50,000 residents.

The Peabody Historical Fire Museum and the Nathaniel Felton Senior & Junior Houses provide a glimpse of the city’s history. But you can find coffee shops, retail shops, and restaurants to fill your gustatory cravings.

"We practice integrated pest & wildlife management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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