Ipswich Pest Control

Do you feel overwhelmed in trying to deal with a pest infestation? Are you worried about spending too much on exterminator services? If so, call Eastern Pine Pest Control. We can guarantee that our Ipswich pest control methods are the cost-effective solution to your nagging problem.

We can tailor our highly agile Ipswich pest control strategy to fit your unique needs. Depending on our professional assessment, we can eliminate your rodent or bug problem within 24 hours. However, in severe cases, it takes a few days to fully foolproof your property to prevent these invaders from returning.


If you are a tourist looking for traditional New England culture and experience, then Ipswich is always an excellent place to start. The town center comprises a mixture of the rural landscape, historic houses, and modern amenities.

You have about 33 square miles to explore and see plenty of woodlands, beaches, fields, and dunes. If you love history, you will definitely be fascinated with South Green, Meeting House Green, the East End, and High Street. These historic neighborhoods have preserved most of their charm, particularly the 17th-century houses.

"We practice integrated pest & wildlife management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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