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Have you ever had annoying guests who simply won’t leave your property? Well, pests are like that, but worse. For example, they can’t be reasoned with, they destroy your property, and you can’t call the police to evict them. However, you can contact our Gloucester pest control exterminators to drive these bugs and rodents away and keep them outside permanently.

We are your only answer to your aggravating pest problem. We have the proficiency and track record to find a creative solution regardless of how hopeless you think your situation is.

You don’t want to entrust your situation to just any exterminator. Our Gloucester pest control experts, with a combined experience of over 25 years, know how to work with discretion to avoid disrupting your business or your daily life.


Gloucester boasts one of the country’s oldest working seaports after the Dorchester Company established it in 1623. You can just walk around this coastal city of about 30,000 people and feel the place’s rich history. But, of course, the waterfront is now fully developed with residential neighborhoods, restaurants, and retail shops. They exist alongside fisherfolks who still use the traditional way they learned from their forefathers.

Gloucester imprinted itself on Hollywood’s history when it became the primary location of the 2000 movie “The Perfect Storm.” And choosing Gloucester as the movie location was, indeed, perfect. After all, the characters embodied the people of this city–proud, resilient, and family-oriented.

"We practice integrated pest & wildlife management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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