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Don’t let bugs and rodents get you down and take over your home. Instead, our Georgetown pest control exterminators will treat them as invaders as they are. We have enhanced and refined our methods to make them 100% effective. But, more importantly, we spent a lot of research and practical application to ensure that our Integrated Pest Management is absolutely safe for our clients and the environment.

We service residential units, commercial buildings, warehouses, and industrial complexes. We can modify our Integrated Pest Management to suit the demand. We don’t use an all-in-one approach since our recommendations hinge on the initial inspection to identify the root cause of the infestation.

Don’t let seasonal insects bug you down. Instead, call Eastern Pine Pest Control, and let us do the rest.


Georgetown is for you if you want a peaceful neighborhood with rural charm. The neighborhood has an excellent school system, but it’s pretty isolated because you have to drive around 15 minutes for nightlife, shopping, or entertainment. Most people here know each other, but they are very welcoming to visitors. You can drop by any mom-and-pop store, and they will regale you with the history of the place. It does have a grocery store, a CVS, and some restaurants to fill your necessities. Georgetown is a place for someone who has had enough of a fast-paced lifestyle. The advantage is the cheaper real estate, plenty of outdoor activities, the lack of city noise, and nobody to bother you if you want to enjoy solitude.

"We practice integrated pest & wildlife management to protect your home, family, and pets from harmful pests."

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