You spend time and money making sure your yard a pleasant place for your family and friends. Unfortunately, wasps and bees can make the experience less than enjoyable and can keep you from using your deck or yard. Wasps and bees are annoying, and they can be dangerous, especially to someone with an allergy. The best way to rid your property of these unwanted intruders is with professional wasp and bee control in North Reading, MA.

What Damage can Wasps and Bees Do?

Wasps and some types of bees build large nests on or in your home. The wasps burrow into the wood, often under the gutters or in the walls. Yellowjacket wasps and hornets are the most common pests that build nests in wood siding and fascia boards. Their nests may be large and filled with many wasps. This can cause a great deal of damage to your home. The only safe way to remove these nests is with professional wasp and bee control in North Reading, MA. Our team of experts will evaluate the damage and determine a plan of action to rid your home of these unwanted visitors for good.

What to Do If you Notice a Wasp Nest

When you see a wasp nest, you should not disturb it because you could easily be stung. As soon as you hit the nest, the angry wasps will immediately get agitated and will be challenging to control. Even if you successfully swat down the nest, the wasps will return and rebuild their nest again. Part of any plan for wasp and bee control in North Reading, MA, includes a plan to remove the nest and to eliminate the places where wasps can enter your home to build a nest in the future. We will plug up any areas that could allow access so the pests can’t build a new home and damage your property further.

Are All Bees and Wasps Dangerous?

Some varieties of wasps and bees are annoying and can sting you if you are in their way. Wasps often build a nest near your door or entryway, making it difficult to get in and out of your house. While many wasps and some bees are bothersome, it is important to note that honey bees are a protected species. They are necessary for pollination and our complex ecosystem. As part of our wasp and bee control in North Reading, MA, we will identify the species of wasp or bee and determine where the insects are getting into your home. If there is damage, we will evaluate the options and close off the location to prevent future infestation.

Call Eastern Pine Pest Control

Eastern Pine Pest Control provides eco-friendly and safe wasp and bee control in North Reading, MA. We know how to identify pests and locate their entry points. Then, we take steps to remove the insects and prevent them from returning to your property. Call us today to schedule our services and to request a free inspection.

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