Do you want to get rid of squirrels because your kids’ safety comes first? Or they’re in your attic scaring birds from their feeders? Or perhaps, they’re damaging your property? Squirrel control can be done in various ways, including enlisting squirrel trapping services in Lynnfield MA. If squirrels have invaded your home or business, we’re here for you. At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we use effective removal solutions to rid your property of squirrel problems.

Types of Squirrels

Pest squirrels are mainly classified into three groups

  • Ground squirrels
  • Flying squirrels
  • Tree squirrels

The species which fall in these three categories can cause destruction in your home, lawn, and business. For instance, ground squirrels are burrowers in nature, breed rapidly, and are quite problematic. It's possible to find ten squirrels living in one burrow, and they can dig under fences and burrow concrete to enter your home. These squirrels are destructive in nature, causing damages worth thousands of dollars every year.

At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we offer ground squirrel trapping solutions to both homes and businesses, making ground squirrels in your property, a thing of the past.

What Should You Do if You Suspect Ground Squirrel Invasion in Your Property?

Each season, ground squirrels get anywhere between five to nine babies. This makes it necessary to take action immediately if you suspect squirrels have invaded your home or business. The more you wait before taking action, the greater the damage the ground squirrels will cause.

To get rid of these critters, you should enlist the services of a reputable pest control company. Such professionals will not only remove the squirrels from your property, but they’ll also fill up any burrow openings to minimize the repeat chances of squirrels destroying your property.

How Can Ground Squirrels Be Effectively Removed from Your Property?

The first step is to identify the burrow sites and determine how the squirrels are accessing your home or business. This can be done by a licensed technician who‘ll conduct a thorough inspection of your property and assess the extent of damage caused by those pesky pests.

Depending on the findings from the inspection, the technician will come up with a plan to manage the infestation. One effective strategy is determining what attracts the squirrels to your home or business, how they got in, and what they're up to once inside your property.

While D-I-Y methods are less costly, they might not be effective in removing the destructive pests. That’s why it’s advisable to hire professionals who will get the job done right.

At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we offer squirrel exclusion services when necessary. Exclusion of ground squirrels involves improving the concrete structures and putting up barriers to prevent entry. We also provide elimination methods that may include setting up above-ground traps to remove the ground squirrels discreetly from your property.

Safe Squirrel Removal Services

Are you suspecting there’re squirrels in your attic, eaves, or crawl spaces? Those scurrying sounds you keep hearing around your property might actually be squirrels that love invading attics and, at times, walls of structures. For squirrel trapping services in Lynnfield MA, get in touch with us today on 781-334-8655.

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