When you find that you have a problem with mice or rats, it can be horrifying. Unfortunately, many people experience an infestation of rodents in their homes or on their property. Once you get mice or rats, they multiply quickly and build nests, often inside your walls. They may make their way to your kitchen where they can feast on your dry goods. When you find that you have mice, it is best to seek professional rodent control in Lynnfield.

What is the Best Rodent Control in Lynnfield?

The best rodent control in Lynnfield utilizes a two-step process. At Eastern Pine Pest Control, we understand mice and rats and know how to take care of the problem. We locate the nest where the rodents live so we can remove it along with the rodents in your home. We also find the location that the mice or rats are entering your home. These are areas that are often under your home or next to the foundation. We need to plug the gaps and holes they use to enter your dwelling so they cannot return.

How to Resolve a Rodent Problem

The first step in resolving a problem with rodents is to identify the type of rodent and the locations where they nest. If you try to get rid of mice on your own, you may have little luck. You can use mouse traps, but they only catch one at a time. Poison is one option, but it can be dangerous to your family and pets. You certainly want to avoid having rodents die inside your walls. The only way to completely resolve a rodent infestation is to locate and remove the nest and stop them from entering your home. You can be sure to solve the problem when you call an expert in rodent control in Lynnfield.

What is Rodent Exclusion?

At Eastern Pine Pest Control, we use exclusion to ensure that pests cannot get into your home. That is the only sure way to keep mice or rats from getting into your home. We evaluate the various points in your home where pests may enter. Then, we take steps to plug the areas to keep the pests out. At the same time, this effort will also improve the insulation of your home from the elements and make it more efficient. Once we remove the rodent nests and prevent them from getting into your home, you should be free from rodents.

Call Eastern Pine Pest Control

At Eastern Pine Pest Control, we believe in providing high-quality, full-service pest and rodent control in Lynnfield. We use safe and eco-friendly methods to remove pests from your premises. We offer free estimates and complete customer satisfaction. We don’t merely kill the pests. Instead, we use methods to keep mice and rats from getting back into your home. If you notice that you have rodents in your house, you need to call us as soon as possible. We will provide you with a plan for ridding your home of rodents and keeping them out.

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