Are you looking for pest prevention and pest control services in Wakefield, Massachusetts? Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife got you covered. We provide pest management and control services for commercial and residential properties in Wakefield, Massachusetts. We are the Massachusetts pest control specialists, and we are here to provide exceptional pest control solutions using the latest methods and technologies. Check out the different types of pest control services we provide in Wakefield, MA. 

Wasp & Bee Control

At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we specialize in removing wasps and bees from places where people do not want them. Our trained technicians have several products at their disposal to rid your property of wasps and bees from your property. After our trained technicians remove them, they treat the odors left behind so that they don’t return to their former location. 

Ant Control

Controlling ant populations requires a more holistic approach. You need to be careful when dealing with ants. At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, our ant control service is lauded by many businesses and individual homeowners because of its safety and effectiveness. Our trained technicians will make sure they cover every inch of your property to help get rid of all ants. 

Spider Control

Spiders are home invaders. We can remove these problematic pests at Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife and keep them out of your property. We don’t just spray chemicals and walk away; we make sure these small critters stay out for good. 

Bird Control

Birds can make a massive mess on your pavement and patio. The droppings can bring a host of health risks to your home. At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we can help you control and repellent birds from your home.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are common wildlife species. They are well-known for running around yards, bushes, trees, wooded areas, and across rooftops, electrical wires, and other areas. If you have squirrels in your business or home, we can set up a property inspection and remove squirrels from your property. 

Raccoon Removal

A raccoon is a little furry animal. People think raccoons are cute because of their cat-like faces, but the truth is that raccoons are wild animals and can cause damage to your property. If you discover that you have raccoons lingering around your property, Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife can get rid of raccoons safely and humanely.

Bat Exclusion

Bats are vital to the ecological system, but they become a pest when they decide to make your attic their home. At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we are experts in bat removal. We can help get rid of bats on your property, identify and block access points.

Wildlife Control Services

 At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we know that Massachusetts’s wildlife can make its way into your home. Our animal control services experts are experienced in controlling a wide variety of wildlife. If you stumble upon a squirrel, raccoon, snake, skunk, or other wildlife on your property, do not hesitate to call us.

Turn to Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife for Pest Control Wakefield

At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we offer a wide array of pest control services in Wakefield, MA. Contact us today at 781-334-8655 to set up an appointment and discuss your pest control and prevention solutions.

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