Your home is your castle, and you want to enjoy your house without any problems with pests. Mice and rats are common problems, and an infestation can occur in almost any structure in our area. By the time you notice mice or rat droppings, you can be sure that you have a large number of them living behind your walls or under your home. If you see these pests, you need to call for professional mice and rat control in North Reading, MA.

What Damage Can Mice and Rats Cause?

Mice and rats can cause a lot of damage to your home or property. They chew through all types of materials and can get into your food and other living areas of the house. They typically look for a supply of food and water. Once they locate a source, they take over. Rodents can multiply very quickly, and soon you have a rodent problem that is out of control. Simply trapping or poisoning isn’t enough because the others will continue to return again and again. Not only do they eat your food, but they leave droppings inside your walls and other areas of your home.

How We Get Rid of Mice and Rats

The best way to control mice and rats is with exclusion. The first step in mice and rat control in North Reading, MA, is to find out where and how the rodents are entering your home. Once we determine the way they are getting access to your home, we can take steps to fill the gaps in your siding or other areas. We believe that the best way to stop rodent infestations is to provide home exclusions.

What is Exclusion?

Rodents enter your home through various methods, and many of them are small gaps or holes. These holes provide entrance, and the only way to ensure that rodents won’t return is by exclusion. We exclude rodents by sealing up holes and gaps that allow entry to your home. At the same time, we use different techniques to trap or remove rodents that are already inside. We find the mice nests and eliminate them, so the mice do not die inside the walls of your home. We eradicate the entire population and then prevent any others from returning. We understand mice and rat control in North Reading, MA.

About Eastern Pine Pest Control

At Eastern Pine Pest Control, we take an eco-friendly approach to mice and rat control in North Reading, MA. We use the safest and most environmentally-friendly options for pest control. We locate the source of the problem so we can rid your home of unwanted pests for good. Our team has the experience and expertise to handle all types of pest control. We strive to provide you with complete customer satisfaction. Our team is here to assist you with your problem and make your home pest-free. We happily offer free estimates. Contact us today to schedule our services and to take care of all your mice and rat pest control needs.

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